By | June 29, 2022
Cassidy Hutchinson

Cassidy Hutchinson unveiled one of the most shocking revelations of the Jan. 6 hearing: Last week in a recorded deposition she explained how Republican lawmakers advocated blanket pardons for all participants at a Dec. 21 White House meeting.

NPR confirmed that Hutchinson will be the surprise witness at the panel’s unscheduled hearing today. He had previously been an aide of former White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows. NPR confirmed that the committee had announced Monday that it would hold Tuesday’s hearing “to present recent evidence and receive witness testimony,” but it hadn’t yet announced any witnesses or given other details.

It seems strange that the hearing was held in secrecy. Hutchinson’s cooperation has been openly disclosed to the public.

Due to the urgency of this hearing and the information Hutchinson shared with the Democrat led committee, there are increasing expectations that Hutchinson will testify in a shocking revelation.

What Hutchinson said so far

In video testimony last week, the ex-Meadows aide stated that Matt Gaetz, GOP Rep., had requested a pardon from “early December.” He also noted that Scott Perry, Louie Gohmert and Mo Brooks had also asked for pardons from White House. John McEntee (an ex-aide to the White House) said that Gaetz told him Meadows had asked for a pardon.

Hutchinson also stated that she heard from Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia representative, that she had asked for a pardon at the White House counsel’s offices. The allegations were later refuted by all of the individuals mentioned.

Two instances of her talking about the White House’s actions leading up to and during the attack on Capitol have been shared by the committee. Some Washingtonians had suggested that she would testify live at one of the hearings.

Hutchinson has previously testified that Meadows was warned about “intel reports” that Meadows could be subject to violence on the 6th. She also stated to the committee that Meadows had set fire to documents in his office following a meeting with Scott Perry. Politico reported but it was not clear what documents they were.

Hutchinson previously stated to the committee that she was present at Meadows for a part of Jan. 6, but not all. Hunt, a former Justice Department lawyer with close ties to Jeff Sessions, is now a Jody Hunt of Alston Bird.

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