By | July 22, 2022

Joe Biden

White House tries to use Biden’s Covid diagnosis for a ‘teachable moment’

Ron Klain, White House chief of staff, stated that President Obama takes reasonable precautions against Covid, but still does his job.

Joe Biden’s inability to get rid of the coronavirus for more than a decade seemed to be beyond the realm of possibility. The White House was prepared to help him when he tested positive. The White House set out to make the diagnosis a “teachable moment” that would dispel any notions of a crisis.

Ron Klain, White House chief of staff, stated that the president “does what every American does every day” and said that he took reasonable precautions against Covid, but did his job. He spoke to MSNBC on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, Dr Ashish Jha (White House Covid Coordinator) said that Biden was “doing just fine” as he continued to experience mild symptoms of Covid-19.

In a CNN interview Jha said that he would check on the president again Friday and that both the White House (and Biden’s physician) would continue to update him.

The White House repeatedly assured that the president was working hard while residing in White House residential areas with “very mild symptoms”, including fatigue, dry cough, and a runny nose.

Biden, dressed in a blazer, Oxford shirt and a jacket, recorded a video on the White House balcony, telling people that he was doing well and getting a lot done. Thanks for your concern. Keep the faith. It will all be okay.”

He also tweeted, “Keeping busy!”

Biden had been scheduled to meet with his economic team on Friday and senior advisors to discuss congressional priorities.

This was part of an effort by the administration to change the narrative from one of a health crisis to one that featured Biden as the embodiment of the idea of most Americans being able to get Covid without much suffering and disruption, if they have taken the necessary precautions and received their shots.

This message was intended to ease voters’ concerns about Biden’s health. At 79, he is the oldest president. It was also intended to show the nation that the pandemic has diminished in severity since Biden assumed office. This is thanks to new therapeutic drugs and widespread vaccinations.

According to Dr Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s symptoms on the first day were mild. This is due in large part to the fact that he’s been fully vaccinated. Biden is also taking Paxlovid to lower the severity of the illness.

Jha stated that Biden’s case is being prioritized. This means it will likely take less than one week to sequence the virus to determine the variant Biden contracted. Omicron’s highly contagious BA.5 strain now accounts for more than 65% US cases.

Jean-Pierre stated that Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States, was in close touch with President Obama. However, she refused to comment on other people who might have been exposed due to privacy concerns. Biden, along with other Democratic leaders, flew on Air Force One to Massachusetts to promote efforts against climate change.

Klain confirmed that Kamala Harris, Vice-President of the White House, was in close contact also with Biden.

Klain called President Trump’s positive testing a “teachable point” for the country and said that the White House didn’t know of any positive Covid results related to the president.

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