By | July 20, 2022
Video of Aaron Judge answering questions about his future with New York Yankees has gone viral. Aaron Judge, New York Yankees’ star, is visiting Los Angeles, California for his fourth trip at the MLB All-Star Game.
A reporter asked Judge questions about his future with Yankees. The video went viral on Twitter within hours, reaching one million views.

Judge was mentioned by a reporter about Jacob, a child who was upset that Judge might not be able to play for the Yankees after this season.

The awkward question put the slugger on spot.

Judge: “Jacob! We got a lot great Yankees on our team. There are many great Yankees who will continue to be here for a long period of time. Don’t worry, don’t get upset. Hopefully, you’ll remain a Judge fan for the rest of your life.

The deal pays $19,000,000 to the 30-year-old, with just one year remaining. He will then be a free agent.

He spent his entire career with Yankees and became one of the most famous players in baseball.

He quickly became a fan favorite, as he scored 52 home-runs in his first season and had 114 RBI’s.

He was awarded Rookie Of The Year and made it to the All-Star Game.

The Yankees are on fire this season heading into the All Star break.

They are currently in first place in American League East Division with a record of 64-28 in the 92 games they have played so far in this season.

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