By | July 16, 2022
  • Toyota Crown Global Lineup also includes RWD Sedan and Two SUVs
  • Toyota revealed a whole lineup of vehicles with the Crown nameplate.
  • There’s a lifted sedan for the U.S.A, as well as a smaller crossover and larger SUV.
  • While we don’t know if the versions will be coming to the U.S. yet, we believe they could have an impact on future Lexus models.

The 2023 Toyota Crown blends SUV and sedan styling cues. But the Crown lineup isn’t limited to that model. Three other models were revealed by Toyota as part of the global Crown family. These include a sedan with rear-wheel drive, a compact crossover and a larger crossover Toyota calls an “Estate” or station wagon.

Although we doubt any of these Crowns will be available in this exact form, it is possible that they could show off future Lexus models for the U.S. Toyota has not yet released information about the powertrains of these Crown variants. However, we would guess that they will all be available in hybrid configurations. The 2023 Crown will only come with two gas-electric drivetrains.

Crown (Sedan-type).

We believe this Crown sedan shares its TNGA L longitudinal platform with both the Lexus LS and the Toyota Mirai hybrid fuel-cell vehicle due to the striking visual similarities. The Lexus GS luxury mid-size sedan was previously made in Japan. This could indicate that the GS is returning to the United States. It’s unlikely, given the slow sales of this model which led to its discontinuation. But it’s still interesting.

Crown (Estate-type).

Toyota refers to this Crown version as a wagon, but we think it more like a mid-size crossover. Although we aren’t sure about the model’s size or whether it has three rows of seating, we can see something similar to this in the Lexus lineup. It may not be the Lexus TX three row SUV. In terms of size, it would likely overlap the new 2023 Lexus RX.

Crown (Sport-type).

This compact red crossover is the smallest among the four Crown models. It has a sloping roofline that reminds us of coupe-like SUVs like the BMW X4. We also think it might be a Lexus SUV. It could fit in between the UX or NX as a sportier crossover option.

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