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Tony Dow, Who Played Wally Cleaver on ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ Still Alive Despite Representatives Confirming Death

Version 1.0: The New York Times has revealed that the information Dow’s representative released to Facebook was not true and Dow is alive. Alongside the post on Facebook, Varietyran the article after the death was confirmed in a meeting with Dow’s team. Varietyhas been in contact with the Dow’s representatives for more information.

The most recent Facebook post, written by Christopher Dow, the son of Christopher Dow, reads, “This is a challenging moment. Dad is in his home and receiving hospice care and is in his final hours. My wife and I are at his side, along with a lot of friends who have been to visit. He is an ardent fighter.”

Before: Tony Dow who was an actor and director who is best known for his portrayal of the tough younger brother, Wally Cleaver in Jerry Mathers’ Beaver in the beloved show ” Leave It to Beaver,” has passed away. He was 77.

On his personal Facebook profile stated that he had died on Tuesday morning. “It is with a very sorrowful heart that we announce the loss of our dear Tony in the early hours of this morning. Tony was a lovely soul – compassionate, kind humorous, and humble.” read the note by his team of management.

Dow as well as his spouse Lauren have announced that in the month of May that the cancer that he was diagnosed with a few years earlier it was diagnosed, had recurred.

Mathers remembers Dow Dow on Facebook in a post that reads “He was not just my brother on television and in many other ways in my life as well. Tony has left a gap within my heart that cannot be filled. Tony was the sweetest gentle, generous affectionate, genuine, and humble person that was my privilege and privilege to be a part of his memories over the past 65 years.”

Dow was born in Hollywood and his mother was a stuntwoman and an assistant to Clara Bow. Dow was an Olympic Junior Olympics diving champion, however, he didn’t have a lot of show business experience when he went along with a friend . They eventually auditioned for and winning the part of Wally. “Leave it to Beaver” was first aired in the year 1957, and continued until 1963. The popular sitcom in black and white focused on the typical perfect family from the day it followed the adventures of a sly young Beaver as well as his practical brother Wally and their sly buddy Eddie Haskell, and their loving, but tolerant parents, played in the role of Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont.

The writers of the show, Bob Mosher and Joe Connelly created them on the children of their parents and incorporated things like Wally’s constant hair-combing habits they observed as teenagers. As the show was coming to its conclusion, Wally was about to begin college, and Beaver was getting ready for high school.

Dow was back again in 80s for the TV film “Still the Beaver” and the series “The New Leave It to Beaver,” for which he produced five of the episodes, and composed one.

He began producing, writing and directing. He also continued to perform, and also directed some seasons of “Harry and the Hendersons,” “Coach,” “Babylon 5,” “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and an episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

Following “Leave It to Beaver,” Dow played on a variety of series such as “General Hospital,” “Mr. Novak,” “Never Too Young,”” “Lassie,” “Love American Style,”” “Square Pegs” and “The Love Boat,”” where Dow was himself. He was also a character in the comedy “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star,” that featured appearances by a variety of former young actors. He also played himself on”Never Too Old,” “Lassie,” “Square Pegs,” John Landis skit comedy feature “The Kentucky Fried Movie.”

Dow was battling depression through his 20s. He made the self-help YouTube video “Beating the Blues” to assist others. He later suffered two bouts of cancer. Dow was also a sculptor and established a construction firm.

The couple is survived by their partner Lauren and two sons.

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