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The new Manchester United boy as the best English football

Kissero, is well suited to English football and supports the success of his former partner at Real Madrid in Old Trafford.

CASHERO completed his transfer in United and was seen from the stands when President Eric Tan The Hague won 2-1 over Liverpool on Monday.

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After spending some time together in the abandoned bronze, everyone knows about the Brazil midfielder and said it is a great addition to the team.

“I know its quality well, it can bring this balance in the team and its mind,” said Varne.

“She is a warrior, so I think it will really enjoy English football. I know it.

“I think it was a great night for him to meet Old Trafford because the atmosphere was amazing, and he was winning so it is good.”

Virana and Cashero were part of the Madrid team, which won the Champions League four times between 2014 and 2018.

Varani joined United last summer in search of a new challenge, and France said that Cashiro expressed the same reason to join Manchester.

“I know exactly what he feels and why he comes here after living in Madrid,” Varani added.

“He needs a new challenge, and I know exactly what he feels, and I know exactly the reason for choosing the club.

“This is a process that made it clear that I expressed my best wishes and I was talking to him a lot, but I did not need it to take my choice.”

After leaving the bench for the first two matches against Brighton, Hawa Albion and Brent Ford, Varne carries a difficult season.

He was returned with the Lesandro Martinage partner in the center against Liverpool because United won the first, then Venn was in a non-favorable position to find out why they were struggling with his disappointing defeat 4-0 in Brent Ford. Dramatic method. Towards the Georgian Club.

“It is difficult to know the reason, but we did not start the game with the same intensity, in the spirit of fighting.”

“We had an encouragement, but it is difficult to know why it started with the least energy.

“Football revolves around energy, it is when you have to pay, when you are calm, when you have to attack.

“We have shown great control against Liverpool. It was a strong performance.”

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