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The damaging Alex Jones texts mistakenly sent to Sandy Hook family lawyers

Attorneys representing conspiracist Alex Jones “messed up” and gave his legal opponents “every text message” he had sent in the last two years, which contradicted his claims that Jones did not have anything in his phone that was related to the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting which he for years claimed was a hoax it was discovered during his defamation trial Wednesday.

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The information was revealed during a conversation within the Austin, Texas courtroom with Jones with Mark Bankston, a lawyer representing the parents of a boy who was six years old killed in the 2012 shooting.

For several years, Jones, a bombastic extremist, bragged to thousands of his followers on the internet that the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was a hoax, children weren’t killed, and the their parents are “crisis actors” in an elaborate scheme to gain the control of guns. The parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis are seeking at the very least $150 million (PS123m) in a lawsuit for defamation against the renowned radio host.

Bankston offered Infowars host Jones Infowars host the text an SMS message that the host received which criticised the coverage his platform would provide in 2020 of coronavirus, and compared the message to his false claim about it was proof that the Sandy Hook killings were fake. This was a huge disfavorable thing to Jones because he’d given evidence in deposition that he didn’t have any text messages on his mobile which mentioned Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook massacre.

“You did get my text messages?” Jones asked Bankston during his time in the witness stand. Smiling, Jones added: “You claimed you did not. Great trick.”

Bankston responded: “Do you know where I received this information? Your lawyers cheated and gave me an electronic copy of your entire phone and every text message you’ve ever sent in the last 2 years.”

Bankston claimed he informed Jones’ lawyers about the error however, they didn’t make “any steps” to label the text as confidential and prevent them from being a part of the court.

“That is how I know you lied when you said you didn’t have text messages about Sandy Hook,” said Bankston his clients are Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis as well as the mother and father of Jesse Lewis, who died during the shooting.

Jones attempted to counter by saying that he would never give his phone to lawyers, who inadvertently emailed the texts to Bankston in the event that he wanted to cover up any information.

“If I was mistaken, I was mistaken,” Jones stated. “But you’ve got the messages right there.”

Jones joked about telling Bankston that he was now having the “Perry Mason moment”, in reference to the fictional TV attorney who would often win cases by getting the witnesses who he was questioning to infractions at testimony.

“You know what perjury is, right?” Bankston stated, referring to the perjury of lying under the oath. “I just want to make sure before we go further.”

Jones claimed he did, but insisted that he did not attempt to conceal anything on his phone.

Following the intense discussion, Rolling Stone informed that the committee that was investigating the assault at the US Capitol by supporters of the former president Donald Trump would subpoena Jones’s text messages.

The outlet said committee members were seeking to find out more about contacts Jones as the radical right provocateur he is could be having with President Trump’s staff prior to the riot on the Capitol.

All of this added to an already difficult day for Jones and his family. Just a few hours ago, Jones conceded he now realized it was foolish not to take Sandy Hook’s murders as a flims remark. Sandy Hook killings as false.

“It was … especially since I’ve met the parents,” Jones declared in a court hearing that will determine the amount of money Jones is owed for defaming relatives of Jesse Lewis, one of twenty children and six adults who were killed in the high school located in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012.

“It’s 100% real.”

Jones spoke a morning after Heslin as well as Lewis were questioned on the emotional strain of death threats, harassment and a host of other issues they faced after Jones declared his views his views on Infowars as well as his other media platforms.

Lewis’s parents stated on Tuesday that they’d require beyond an apology. They are insisting that Jones pay at minimum $150 million in compensation , to be held accountable for the many lies he’s told in denying the shooting.

Jones’s team has requested the jury within the courtroom to reduce the damages to $1, saying it was not reasonable to believe he could anticipate the repercussions plaintiffs will endure.

Both sides presented their closing defenses on Wednesday, which was the seventh day in the courtroom. After that, around 4.30pm in the local hour, the jurors began to deliberate on whether to render a verdict. They were charged with deciding what amount – if any – the defendant should pay for compensation for defaming the victim and causing emotional distress on victims, as well as determining whether he was required to pay punitive damages.

Jones who has presented the suit as an assault on his First Amendment rights – was only witness in the defense that was made for the media company he owns, Free Speech Systems.

He explained to his lawyer, Andino Reynal, that the time had come for him to recognize that it was irresponsible to broadcast the myth that Sandy Hook did not happen. Sandy Hook killings did not take place and that nobody was killed. However, Jones said that the media wouldn’t “let” him “take it back”.

In September of last year the judge who ruled the case had admonished Jones when she issued her initial ruling for his inability to turn over documents requested by Sandy Hook families.

A judge of Connecticut handed down the same default judgment to Jones for the same reason in a separate case that was filed by the other Sandy Hook parents.

Jones is, however, tried to protect financially Free Speech Systems. The company applied for federal bankruptcy protection this week.

Sandy Hook families have separately filed suit against Jones over financial claims, arguing Jones’ company is using shell companies in order to shield the millions of dollars owned by Jones as well as his relatives.

In the trial for defamation, Bankston displayed an email that showed Infowars made $800,000 in just one day in the year 2018. It would translate to $300 million over the course of a year.

Jones stated that it was the most successful day of sales.

The Associated Press contributed reporting

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