By | July 16, 2022

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Antonio Conte, head coach of Tottenham Hotspur and Son Heung-Min pose for a photograph at a press conference. … The photo was taken by Son Heung-Min and Antonio Conte, the head coach of+]TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR FC VIA GETTY IMAGES

It took just a few minutes for Tottenham Hotspur’s games at the stadium in South Korea to sell out.

The opener was against a group of local players K League, traffic around the Seoul World Cup Stadium was shut down for four hours just before the game began and subway station concourses were clogged by thousands of fans trying to reach the match.

Their 6-3 win over Team K League took place in an ocean of plastic as fans sporting single-use coats braved the rainy season this week to catch Harry Kane and Korean superstar Son Heung-min. Tickets were reported to be sold for sale by salespeople on the internet at upwards of $3000 and the kind of prices normally only seen at major final.

After two years of no season-preparation tour Premier League sides this summer are the most talked about ticket on the market with fans waiting arriving at airports to meet their favorite players and the games selling out quickly despite the high cost of tickets.

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