By | July 28, 2022
Sebastian Vettel to retire from Formula One at end of season

The four-time champion of the world Sebastian Vettel has announced his decision to retire in Formula One at the

end of the year.

Vettel has ended his the contract of Aston Martin at the end of the season. He after weeks of speculation regarding the future of his contract, has announced that he will step off the game in 2022 at the end of the season.

Vettel announced the news through his Instagram account which was created this Thursday. Prior to the announcement Vettel was a German driver had gone through his entire F1 career without having a Social media profile.

He said the goal is be able to devote time with his family. time in the company of his family as well as focus on environmental issues, something have been his focus for an increasingly significant portion of time to over the last few years.

“Committing to my passions as I did, and in the way I believe it’s right, should not have to coincide with my desire to be an excellent husband and father. The drive it takes to join the vehicle and the team, and to pursue the perfect result requires dedication and focus. My priorities have changed away from racing and battling for titles to watch my children develop, passing the values I have taught them, supporting them in times of need, and being there for them when they require me.

“Not having to say goodbyeand, the most important thing is learning from them and allow them to influence my. The children of the world are what we will be. I am convinced that there is many things to learn and explore about myself and the world.

“Speaking about the near future, I believe that we are living in extremely crucial time. The way we determine the next few years will affect the course of our lives. My interest is based on some aspects I’ve come to hate. They may be addressed in the near future but the determination to make a difference is going to become significantly stronger and should be bringing us to action now.

“Talk isn’t enough” and we can’t afford to sit around. We have no other option. This race is already underway. My greatest race is yet to be. I am a firm believer that we must keep moving and going ahead. The passage of time is one-way street and I’m determined to keep up with the pace of the times.

“Looking back will only serve slow your progress. I am looking forward to racing on unknown tracks and I will be able to find new obstacles

“The marks I left on the track will remain till time and rain wash off the tracks. The new ones will be put in. Tomorrow belongs to the people creating today. The next turn can be left in safe hands since the current generation is already in. I think there’s still a chance to be won.

“Farewell, thanks for letting me share the track with you. I loved every bit of it.”

Vettel was signed by Aston Martin in the year 2021, after having left Ferrari which he been driving since the year 2015. Vettel was a part of the famed Italian team, hoping to replicate the achievements of his childhood idol Michael Schumacher but was unable to win a championship in his time at Ferrari.

However, his reputation in the role of one of most successful drivers was confirmed through the course of his time in Red Bull, where he was awarded four times between 2010 and 2013.

These four titles mean that they are in a tie to Alain Prost as the fourth most successful F1 driver, following Juan Manuel Fangio (5) and Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton (7 each).

So far, Vettel has taken 53 career wins, including 38 in the case of Red Bull, 14 with Ferrari as well as his debut victory together with Toro Rosso at the 2008 Italian Grand Prix.

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