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Ryan Garcia vs. Javier Fortuna

Javier Fortuna said that Garcia would be overrated if he entered the ring with Ryan Garcia. Fortuna’s prediction skills were not good as Garcia won the fight in the first seconds, scoring a sixth round knockout to the delight and delight of the crowd at Arena Los Angeles.

Fortuna (36-4-1, 26KO) was unable to score an offensive win. Garcia’s length meant that Fortuna struggled to cope with Garcia’s stiff jabs and long right hands.

Long-range attacks by Garcia (23-0, 19KO) were rewarded big time as Fortuna’s guard slowly rose, exposing his ribs. Garcia capitalized on that in the fourth round and landed a devastating left hook to his body that sent Fortuna reeling. He then took a knee for his first knockdown.

Fortuna’s fifth round was a disaster. Garcia’s left handed moved from Garcia’s body to Garcia’s head. Fortuna was caught flush by one of Garcia’s left hooks, and he fell to the ground. The Dominican veteran was unable to stop his tears as he fell to the floor.

Just moments into the sixth round, Garcia unleashed a three-punch combination which ended with a left hook. This was Fortuna’s third and final knockdown. Garcia won the knockout at 0:27.

Both fighters are used to fighting at lightweight. However, Fortuna requested that the fight be contested at superlightweight. Garcia stated after the fight that he felt so at ease at the weight that it was impossible for him to return to the lightweight division.

Garcia claims he has made a weight gain, but Garcia is still focused on his next fight against Gervonta “Tank”, one of the lightweight’s rising stars.

Garcia stated, “100%, I felt way more,” “I won’t go back to 135 just for the sake of it, but I will fight Tank next. If ‘Tank wants it at 140. Hey, I will record all negotiations so you guys don’t make headlines claiming I’m ducking. Let’s go if he asks. It will give me the respect that I deserve. I’m never afraid. I have always said that I am competitive. That spirit will come out when I fight tank with his ans.

Garcia and Davis have been discussing a possible fight in the lightweight division. They will be sharing it with young stars like Devin Haney, Teofimo Lopez and Teofimo Lopez who recently moved up to the 140-pound weight division.

Davis, who won the WBA’s secondary championship with a thrilling win over Mario Barrios in the super lightweight division, has not yet indicated if he would like to fight again at the weight. He is just five-foot-five. It is also important that all promoters and networks are able to reach a fair deal.

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