By | July 16, 2022

Ricky Martin

EXCLUSIVE Ricky Martin has never been in a sexual or romantic relationship. This was according to a lawyer for the singer, who is facing allegations of domestic abuse by a younger relative in Puerto Rico.

“Unfortunately, this claim was made by someone who is suffering from deep mental health problems,” Martin’s lawyer Marty Singer said to Deadline today. The Hollywood litigator said that Ricky Martin had never been involved in any type of romantic or sexual relationship with his nephew. The idea is both absurd and disgusting.

Martin was issued a temporary restraining or in recent weeks. Martin also faces further violence claims and other allegations in connection to a seven-month-old affair with his 21-year-old nephew. Puerto Rico has set July 21 as the hearing on these claims. Martin could face a nearly 50 year sentence if he is convicted of domestic abuse with a family member.

These claims and the lawyer’s reply come as Martin, who is a Grammy winner and star in The Assassination of Gianni Versace, American Crime Story, faces a $3 million lawsuit from Rebecca Drucker, his manager. It concerns unpaid commissions. To expedite the matter, Drucker and her Venable LLP team dangled a sword of Damocles above Martin. They also allege that Drucker saved Martin, a supposedly substance-abusing singer from a “potentially fatal” allegation in September 2020.

Drucker has been silent since Drucker filed her complaint at Los Angeles Superior Court June 29th. Martin and his Lavely & Singer lawyers have remained mostly silent on the matter.

Apple TV+ was also silent about Martin’s appearance in its upcoming comedy series Mrs American Pie, where he stars alongside Kristen Wiig and Allison Janney. Martin, however, was actually filming today in LA on the Tate Taylor-directed series written by Abe Sylvia.

Earlier in the month, when a successful application for a TRO to CAA-repped Martin received a Puerto Rican court’s approval, Martin’s camp blasted the claims of domestic abuse, calling them “completely false and fabricated”. The petition was filed under the law 54 (also known as the Domestic Abuse Prevention and Intervention Act).

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