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Ric Flair bids farewell in a fitting manner, sporting a the most extravagant outfit and bloody face. Estes

Instinctively you’re watching from the back of your seat and cannot help but be concerned. In all likelihood, you’re trying to avoid being scared.

The 73-year old icon took off from pro-wrestling’s Mount Rushmore and into a Ring in Nashville with the pacemaker along with a history of serious health concerns and is now not moving. The melee is continuing it’s hard to not be watching the ropes, making sure Ric Flair can be seen rising from under.

This is all part of the show, isn’t it?


Right. A few minutes pass before he stoop long enough to extend his arms over a dead opponent. However, since this is pro wrestling and the referee is removed, of course. There’s nobody to take the count to three.

Spoiler alert: It all works out. A new referee is hurriedly released and is authorised to end a legendary career glory. Confetti in purple – you can see that Flair had on purple as he is thrown through the raucous Municipal Auditorium. Flair who had his face bloodied earlier in the course of a nasty incident outside the ring is adored by his friends and family. Flair walks away and gives kisses to an audience of admirers and leaves, heading to Kid Rock’s bar telling the crowd.

Another time, with feelings:


It was reported that the Nature Boy promised this would be his “last match” – a tag-team event that was designed to highlight and protect the legendary figure who almost died just five years earlier. This wasn’t the most ideal concept, however the spotlight isn’t easy to give up.

“Everybody says, ‘When does that ever get old?’ ” Flair declared. “It doesn’t get old. I mean, that’s the honest-to-God truth. I love the people’s respect, and that’s all I get these days. In the old days, we had to fight for respect.”

A confession from me I’m not a wrestler person.

I’ve not followed this event as tightly since the age of preteen. In the case of WWE wrestlers who competed on this weekend’s Summerslam held at Nissan Stadium, I may have been familiar with the names of a few.

Know everything about Flair However, I knew all about Flair. Who doesn’t?

When Flair talked to Tennessee Titans after practice on Thursday, the famous NFL players and their tough coach Mike Vrabel – briefly reverted to their adolescent selves at the sight of Flair. These are guys who don’t become awestruck.

“It’s kind of surreal to meet people like him.” Running back Derrick Henry said that, acknowledging the differences between himself and an individual similar to Flair.

The wrestler spoke with the Titans about distractions and family and said that “you blink and a long career is over,” stated Vrabel. “I don’t know how you couldn’t be (a fan of Flair).”

SummerSlam 2022 photos:WWE SummerSlam 2022 in Nashville

The trip the Saint Thomas Sports Park was obviously designed to help encourage Sunday’s game, however Flair was able to make a convincing argument.

“There’s nobody from the WWE here,” Flair stated. “I’m here. The WWE is here. That’s an enormous thing for me. I have nothing against the WWE and I’m just the one who coach has invited to come over. Don’t believe that everyone is in WWE would not like to be here.”

A bit of shade maybe, but it’s difficult to imagine that there would be a lot of resentment by one side. WWE side.

“I mean, it’s Ric Flair,” Titans linebacker Zach Cunningham said.

Exactly. What else is needed to be mentioned?

An authentic legend

The line between sport and entertainment is blurred by pro-wrestling. However, we know it’s a show. They are definitely athletes but their actions are performed in a scripted and choreographed manner.

This is what made Flair exceptional: There’s nothing fake about Flair..

As pro-wrestling took off during the 80s as well as into the early 1990s, it was evident that everybody – even the best performers – was a fan of a particular gimmick. They wore elaborate costumes , utilized props, and were played as characters with some being with more cartoonish characters than other.

Hulkamania was encased with the American flag. Rowdy Roddy Piper wore bagpipes. Jake Roberts had a snake. Even “Macho Man” Randy Savage had Miss Elizabeth.

But Flair was Flair. There was no trick. It was the Nature Boy grew pro wrestling and built his unbeatable fame due to one thing: his charisma. In a world that was geared towards blue-collar customers, Flair went out of his way to talk about his wealth and status in addition to his sex appeal as well as his extravagant lifestyle. He then went on to do it.

“Nature Boy was my wrestling character. The Nature Boy wasn’t fake. The Nature Boy was me,” Flair declared during the movie “Nature Boy,” an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary. “… In the event that I had said on television I said it on TV. I was living my gag.”

By God, you believe him, too. This authenticity was distinct. It’s the way the “bad guy” attained unprecedented popularity , and an influence that continues even to the present day.

Flair was not the sole heel on the other day, clearly. An intriguing prematch storyline one of which was that Flair was accosted in a parking space by Nashville local Jeff Jarrett (himself no youngster aged 55) and created the tension. As soon as Flair was dressed in his usual extravagant robe, the crowd were standing behind him and his wrestling son-inlaw. After the match, grown men were crying.

It could not have been true.

There was nothing fake about the danger of a senior man going through this kind of hardship. This is why this event was appealing to thousands of people who will forever remember the thrill and emotions of attending in person.

Much of it was human. and real.

And dazzling. Fun.

It’s so appropriate.

The Nature Boy surely would have had it any other way.

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