By | July 16, 2022

R.I.P. Jak Knight, stand up comic and Bust downstar

Knight is originally from Seattle. He made a name for his self in Los Angeles comedy when he met comedy duo The Lucas Brothers. They offered him a job as a writer on their Adult Swim show Lucas Bros. Moving Company. He continued to grow as a comedian and writer, becoming more well-known in 2018. Knight was one of many comics selected to perform a 15-minute set on Netflix’s Comedy Lineup. Knight was co-creator of Bust, Sam Jay saw Knight hired on as a performer, writer, and producer in recent times.

Bust Downwas Knight’s largest platform to date. The series was co-created by Jay, Chris Redd and Langston Kerman. It saw Knight and his friends playing low-paying workers at a Gary, Indiana casino. The six-episode series was funny and satirical. However, it was never better than when Jay, Kerman, Jay and Knight were just bouncing off each other. Knight’s character, also called Jak, was an extension his stand-up persona. It was a mix of childish innocence, joyful chaos, and childish innocence.

Tributes have begun to pour out from L.A.’s comedy scene, with Kumail Najiani (who hosted Knight in his Comedy Central series The Meltdown), James Aomian and many others offering their memories of Knight’s talents. Comedy Central, which hosted Knight multiple times, paid its own tribute to him.

Knight recently filmed his first movie part in Chelsea Peretti’s upcoming movie First Female Director.

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