By | July 16, 2022

The Buffalo Bills have an open roster spot however, they haven’t signed Odell Beckham Jr.Odell Beckham Jr. signs with Bills? That’s what star WR woke up thinking

In the age of social media there are fake accounts for well-known websites as well as newsbreaking accounts. An example is an untrue Bleacher Report (B/R) account which even caused Beckham Jr., also called OBJ believe that he had signed up with the Bills.


A fraudulent Bleacher Report account put out tweets announcing that the receiver was joining with the Bills as well as the picture appeared to be something B/R would employ as its logo.

If you take a closer look at the account, you will see that the username has an ‘t’ in Bleacher. Although it’s an untrue account, Beckham Jr. woke up to numerous notifications and stated that he wanted to know the amount he was signed up for by Buffalo. He even went on to mention Von Miller, his former teammate from Los Angeles.



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