By | July 17, 2022

Numerous disputes in Knott’s Berry FarmNumerous disputes in Knott's Berry Farm force park to close early

A series of fights broke out on late on Saturday evening on Knott’s Berry Farm, forcing the park to close for several hours before closing.

Buena Park police reported that numerous calls to 911 had reported the possibility of shooting, but police at the scene found there were no shots fired.

Police advised people to stay clear of the area as they looked into the incident.

“The safety of Knott’s Berry Farm’s guests and associates is always our top priority,” the park stated in an announcement. “On Saturday night the park’s management made the decision to shut down the park for three hours before closing time because of unruly conduct and altercations that involved teens. The behavior was not in line with the park’s values and it was not an one we want our guests to have when going to Knott’s Berry Farm.”

The rumors of a shooting prompt terrified patrons to flee according to posts on social media.

“There was a fight while everyone was crowded to get out,” wrote one park-goer on Facebook. “Suddenly everyone began screaming, then ran. We were released by the only staff area.”

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