By | July 22, 2022

Noah Lyles surpasses Michael Johnson’s U.S. record, which stood since 1996

Noah Lyles knew that he had run his best race and possibly the fastest 200 meters of any American. He was so much ahead of all the runners in Thursday’s final at World Athletics Championships, that he turned to face his only opponent: the clock.

Lyles’ official time was 19.32, but it was not easy to see. This mark would be a shock to any other runner, but it was the same time Michael Johnson ran the 200m at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It has remained unassailable since then. Until now.

Lyles, 25 years old, stood staring with his hands on his hips and his hands on the clock. Lyles, 25, walked to Hayward Field, Eugene, Ore. and began to talk to the clock.

“I was telling it that I wanted it to give me some slack. He later stated, joking with reporters. “How is it going to show at the same time, 19.32?” Change that.

Lyles sat down in front of it, wondering if all his hard work would pay off. Lyles set his sights on the record after he won a disappointing bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Lyles made it happen in Oregon where he used a great start to win a highly-anticipated race.

Lyles seemed to be having an argument with the clock as he stood on the track. Two things happened when he turned his back. His time was cut by the clock’s screen one hundredth of an second: 19.31. It blared “Official” above.

The celebration of a world championship erupted into joy when Lyles was crowned the fastest American in 200 meters. Lyles was accompanied by a large family cheering him on. Lyles then recited the list: “Mom and stepdad, sister, brother. Dad, stepmom. Uncle, grandma.”

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