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The 24th of July will be National Tequila Day.

Kristopher DeSoto, the creator of Hiatus Tequila, joined ” Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday to commemorate the distillation of the liquor made from the juice of agave that is fermented.

These are fascinating facts about tequila that can be enjoyed throughout the day.


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1. Tequila is an indigenous of Mexico and named after the town of Tequila which is located in the western portion of Mexico’s state of Jalisco.


Kristopher DeSoto was a guest on “Fox and Friends Weekend” on National Tequila Day on Saturday July 24, 2022. (Fox News Channel)

2. Five states are the sole ones that are authorized to produce tequila according to DeSoto.

The states included are Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas.

Jalisco is one of Mexico’s top producers, DeSoto said on “Fox and Friends Weekend. 

3. The principal ingredient in Tequila is Mexican blue Agave. This is a succulent tree with fleshy leaves.

The plant might be able to endure up to an eight-year period to mature according to DeSoto. When the agave is mature, it is harvested, and later cooked to make Tequila.

TELILA as well as MEZCAL How can you tell the differences?

4. Tequila’s color could vary and the color is correlated to the length of time it has been in the past.


Three distinct types of tequilas that have been aged . They include blanche (left) as well as reposado (middle) and anejo (right). The process of ageing causes the color to change. (Fox News Channel)

Here’s a list variations.

Blanco Tequila is clear and usually aged between 0 and 5 months.

Reposado Tequila, which is gold-amber, usually matures for as long as six months.

Anejo Tequila has golden brown color and is typically aged for a year.

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“Blanco is always the one that’s best well-known as it’s the one we’re on hand to shoot with and the list goes on,” DeSoto said.

“And you will find three different terms. 


Kristopher DeSoto makes his Hiatus Highball cocktail with tequila, lime, and tonic for “Fox as well as Friends Weekend. ” (Fox News Channel)

5. The “cleaner” and “smoother” the tequila is more sugar-free, and that’s the reason why there is less sugar needed, DeSoto said.

“A margarita drink that is offered in Mexico is different from the one served in this region over to the Mexican frontier.” the host of “Fox and Friends Weekend. 

National TEQUILA Day 5 FUN FACTS ABOUT this day. CELEBRATED spirit

“A margarita in Mexico is an alcohol drink which contains soda, lime and Tequila. It’s safe and you won’t be feeling ill when you wake up the following day. 

What drink mix is Kristopher DeSoto’s choice for a drink mix?

If you’re searching for a easy mix, this could be the mix you’re looking for, DeSoto suggests Hiatus Highball. Hiatus Highball.

It is made from three ingredients , three ingredients such as tequila, tonic, and lime juice.

Cortney Moore works as a producer/writer associate for lifestyle at Fox News Digital. Ideas for stories can be sent to her on Twitter at @CortneyMoore716.

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