By | July 21, 2022

Microsoft Teams affected by global issue



At least two-and-a half hours

After a vendor’s software update, Microsoft’s Teams collaboration suite experienced a global outage lasting two and a half hours on Thursday.

Users of teams reported issues in Australia and New Zealand as well as other Asean countries.

Although it appeared that it was resolved by 2.15pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), Microsoft later stated that some users were still experiencing problems and that the problem had spread to other M365 services.

Microsoft said that the outage was caused by “a recent deployment [that] contained an unreliable connection to an internal storage services”.

Users who had been affected were not able to access Teams and “initiate messages, calling, or meetings.”

Later, the vendor confirmed that there were some downstream effects, such as Microsoft Word integration with multiple services and Office Online.

The desktop app may allow users to sign in, but not all functions may be available. Users may also see the message, “We ran into trouble.” Reconnecting …’,” Microsoft

Users who use the web client might see a message saying “Operation failed with an unexpected error.”

Even though users around the world reported issues, most of the effects of these problems were felt in the region due to differences in time zones.

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