By | July 27, 2022

Many people who are eligible may not receive $350 government payments

One of three $116 instalments of the federal government to assist with living expenses are due on Monday, for 2.1 million people eligible.

The payment was made public in the budget for this year for those earning $70,000 per year or less. New Zealand tax residents aged 18 and above and aren’t qualified for the winter energy payments.

However, IRD requires the current bank account information to be able to complete the payment.

Finance Minister David Parker rejected the idea that the scheme was delayed without sufficient time to establish it effectively.

He informed the Checkpoint it was the case that IRD knew the names and addresses of over 90 percent of the people who are eligible for payments. Additionally, the payment as well as the manner in which they will be dispersed were widely advertised from May, so that the public could check whether they had been set up to receive them.

He believed that the government had declared this “every way we can” which included in the Budget and press releases, via media reports, accountants, tax agents and budgeting companies, as well as employers He stated.

A group of over 700 employees were at IRD in order to get the money to every person who was eligible for the payment and to update their personal details and refuted the assertion that IRD claimed that it could not afford to make the payment.

“The most common way that people update their details with IRD these days is on the internet, [through] myIRD, but we do have telephone services and we have many hundreds of people that are engaged with this task.”

Parker stated that anyone who didn’t provide the bank account number at the time that the payment was made may still be able to claim the funds up to the end of March next year.

He claimed that the fact that IRD didn’t have accounts’ numbers showed that not everyone living in New Zealand was required to give the numbers to IRD.

“We’ve always known we don’t have bank accounts for every New Zealander. There’s no obligation to provide a bank account number … it’s not compulsory”.

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