By | July 20, 2022

For the first 3 seasons with CBS, Love Island USAtook its place in a different place. After beginning in Fiji for the first season, Love Island USA was relocated from Fiji to Las Vegas for its second season (due to COVID-19’s limitations) prior to returning on an islandin Ninole, Hawaii, to be exact Season 3. After the reality show about a competition for dating will start streaming on Peacock during Season 4 of the show, the action will be moving back to the mainland once more However, it’s not the same place. While the network is yet to announce the exact location of the new villa the filming will be taking place in the California coast in the summer.

In the absence of any secrecy, the new Season 4 host Sarah Hyland who is taking over the reigns of the show from Arielle Vandenberg, offered viewers an inside look of the new Love Island villa in a YouTube clip in advance of the show’s premiere on 19 July. The host joked that she’ll show in the new location “unannounced throughout the entire summer,” the Modern Family alum led viewers on the virtual tour, which showcased an outdoor catwalk, numerous pools, fitness equipment as well as the “love swing,” the Hideaway and The “always iconic, always lit” fire pit. It’s a California property also includes the Love Island first treehouse that she has did not reveal the name, but she has dubbed it “Love HylandTreehouse,” in which islanders “will literally be sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

The whole contestants’ PDA is believed to be the reason for the transition from CBS to the streaming platform of NBC at least partially. On May 12th, on May 12, the Love Island Twitter page released a humorous note to viewers that “due to the explicit nature of this show,” episodes will air on Peacock instead of on the network television this summer. “It’s likely to be sexier and naughtier. The games of challenge are going to be hot and sexually sensual,” Hyland recently explained to the publicin the first look of her Season 4 debut look.

In addition, the 31-year old actor is also hoping to build relationships with fellow islanders in the course of her duties as host. “I’m really excited to get to know them in a more personal way than just a host figure,” she told the publication. “I believe it’s crucial to be able share your thoughts and be able to connect with others. And if I’m able aid in any way that helps people to be more open than they typically do I’m all to help. This doesn’t just apply to just ladies on islands, but for the guys too. I’ve probably gotten several men to talk about their emotions over the years. So I’m sure I’m likely to be able to accomplish a decent job at it.”

If not the photographer will have the stunning California coast for a backdrop as she shoots all she has to offer.

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