By | July 25, 2022

lay Thompson can be proud and loving big brother who has always been there for Trayce through every stage during his MLB career. And on Sunday Trayce Thompson was the Warriors star was on hand in Dodger Stadium for the series final game with both the Giants against the Los Angeles Dodgers.K

Klay was seated in the front row in the Giants dugout as he was enjoying a fantastic time, even drinking an alcoholic drink to support the sake of his Instagram account.

In the seventh’s bottom, Trayce gave Klay a reason to get up from his seat to celebrate with a double on the right-center wall to score Max Muncy. The hit widened the Dodgers edge to 7-4.

Klay was fired up after his brother Trayce’s RBI double

 Sports Bay Area & CA (@NBCSAuthentic) July 24 2022

Klay immediately started jumping around and up to high-fiving anyone or anyone close to him.

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Klay has been watching closely the Giants-Dodgers match, tweeting after Trayce’s RBI triple on Thursday night.

There is no doubt that Klay is the very first one to greet Trayce following the game.


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