By | August 11, 2022

Jennette McCurdy Revealed Why She Really Didn’t Return For The “ICarly” Reboot

“She tells me she thinks the reboot could be an opportunity for all of us in the cast to ‘get back out there,’ maybe get some other opportunities from it,” Jennette remembered Miranda telling her.

Miranda added Miranda also mentioned that “it’s really good money” to try to convince her to participate in the show, however Jennette thought it was “there [were] things more important than money.”

“And my mental health and happiness fall under that category,'” she recalls telling Miranda. “There’s a moment of silence. It’s one of those rare moments where I feel like I didn’t say too much, or too little. I feel like I represented myself accurately and there’s nothing I would change about the way I said it. I feel proud. We wrap up our conversation, promising to keep in touch, and hang up.”

The show has been on the air for two seasons. ICarly reboot after the reboot, it’s not clear to be the case that Jennette is changing her decision to return back to her role on the program. However, she has said that she’s “open to the idea” of returning to acting generally.

“I am shocked to be saying — have you ever had one of those thoughts where it’s like, ‘Oh where did that come from? Why is this happening?,” she explained to Entertainment Tonight, explaining her random thought about returning to the world of showbiz.


The week before, Jennette McCurdy published her novel, I’m Glad My Mom Perished In it, she discusses her experiences when she was a young actor.

When the show was in its remake, Jennette seemed to be leaving acting stating that she had never thought of becoming the actor she was but was forced to do acting because of her mom. When she was an adult Jennette admitted the fact that she felt “ashamed” of a lot of her previous work since she found her work “cheesy” and “embarrassing.”


In her memoir, Jennette explained why she chose not to participate in the ICarly reboot and described how she revealed the news to her co-star, Miranda Cosgrove.

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