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Jennette McCurdy defends her book’s title “I’m Glad My Mother died’: I meant it “sincerely”

Jennette McCurdy – who has claimed she was abused by her mother, Debra – is standing by her choice to title the memoir ” I’m Glad My Mom Died.”

“I get that it’s attention-grabbing but it’s also something that I mean sincerely,” she said about the title in an interview with “Good Morning America” on Wednesday.

“iCarly” star, 30 “iCarly” alum, 30 said that she was not making use of the title in the “flippant” way and believes that those who’ve had their names abused will get the message she’s trying to communicate.

“While the response might be divided, I really appreciate the positivity that I received from a lot of people,” she added.

“I think that anybody who has experienced parental abuse understands this title and I think anybody who has a sense of humor understands this title.”

McCurdy stated that the author is “not so concerned” with the opinions of anyone else and said the fact that “this book is not for them.”

McCurdy added that sometimes, she is still missing her mother who passed away in 2013 of cancer. But she also acknowledged that she wouldn’t have published her memoir if mom were alive today, because she would have had the “identity dictated by her.”

  “Grief for me towards my mother was very complex. I’d be frustrated and confused as to why I felt so angry I was grieving for her,” McCurdy explained.

“I was feeling like she wasn’t worthy of my tears or my sadness because she was abusive however, it was an amazing way, and now I feel like I’m capable of just missing her. I believe that this is possible due to the healing that took place through the writing process of The book.”

In her book of tell-alls, McCurdy detailed the brutal behavior that her mother displayed when she was growing in her teens and her rise to fame acting on “iCarly” and the spinoff series, “Sam & Cat.”

“I begin to shrink by the end of the week because Mom and I work together to track our calories each night , and then make our menus for the following day. We’re trying to keep me on a 1000-calorie diet, but I’ve got the clever idea that if I take half of my food in and only consume only half the calories, which means that I’ll shrink twice as quickly,” McCurdy wrote in her book ( via ET).

“Each Sunday she weighs me and takes measurements of my thighs using the aid of a measuring tape. After a couple of weeks of our schedule She provides me with a pile of diet books which I can read in a short time… My weight is measured five times per every day.”

McCurdy said the fact that, when her doctor suggested that she could have suffered from anorexia, she did not know about any eating practices. She also revealed that her weight went down to the point that she used an extra seat in her car when she was just 14.

The actress also said that her mother would bathe her each when she needed to shower, and then conduct “a breast and ‘front butt’ exam,” she added that at the age of sixteen she would cut the legs of her child.

“She states she’s looking to make sure that I don’t have any suspicious bumps or lumps, because they could be signs of cancer. I’m fine since I don’t really want to be diagnosed with cancer. And since my mother has been through it and had it all she knows when I did,” she wrote.

“I usually just try and think of Disneyland when Mom’s doing the exams… By the time the exams are done, a huge wave of relief washes over my whole body and I usually realize that’s the first time I’ve felt my body since the exam started.”

McCurdy said that once she started becoming famous her mother started to be angry at her.

“Fame has created a gap that is wedged between Mom and me in a way that I never thought was possible. She was desperate for this. And I wanted her achieve it. It was my wish that she be satisfied,” she wrote.

“But now that I’ve got it, I can see that she’s happy , and I’m not. The happiness she enjoyed came at the expense of mine. I feel that I’ve been robbed and devalued. Sometimes I stare at her and dislike her. Then I’m angry at myself for feeling that way.”

McCurdy was also recalling the moment her mom discovered she was dating – however, she was not sexually engaged. In her memoir, she wrote that her mother verbally abused her at her, calling her an “FILTHY LITTLE LYING W–E,” and “nothing more than a little S-T, a FLOOZY, ALL USED UP.”

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As well as other instances of abuse, McCurdy claims her mother has also told her lies about who her father was. McCurdy claims her eating disorder remained after her mother’s passing however, she has had professional help.

“My mom was mentally, emotionally physically and emotionally assaulted my body in ways which will always affect my life for the rest of my life. She administered tests for vaginal and breasts until 17 an age… As a youngster, I just 6 year old, she forced me into a job I did not would like… Then she gave me an eating disorder at the age of 11 years old. It was the disorder of eating that took me of joy and the amount of fun I enjoyed. She never explained to me that the truth about my father. dad,” McCurdy wrote.

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The actress had previously claimed that her mother was guilty of mental, emotional and physical assault.

“Her death left me with more questions than answers, more pain than healing, and many layers of grief – the initial grief from her passing, then the grief of accepting her abuse and exploitation of me, and finally, the grief that surfaces now when I miss her and start to cry – because I do still miss her and start to cry.”

As well as her uneasy relationship with her mother, McCurdy also claims she was offered $300,000 as Hush money in order to not talk about her time on Nickelodeon.

She also explained the reasons why she hated her partner in crime Ariana Grande.

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