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What Islam’s ruling is on hair on the body?

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What Islam’s ruling is about hair on the body? What body hair should you shave off? Is it true that long hair in the armpit will be rejected by salah? The same goes for the pubic hair.


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Prayer and pubic hair not accepted

We praise Allah, ask for His help, and ask forgiveness. Allah cannot misguide anyone, and He can only guide those who are allowed to wander off the path. We are witnesses that there is no one (no person, no idol, no grave, prophet, imam, dai, or anyone)! We are worthy of worship only Allah Alone and bear witness to the fact that Muhammad (saws), is His slave-servant, and the seal of His Messengers.


Your question: What Islam says about hair on the body?

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.779 Narrated By Abu Huraira

I heard the Prophet (saws), saying. “Five practices are characteristic of the Fitra (nature),” he said.


Both believing men and women must remove unwanted hair from their pubic area and under their armspits. You can use any method or tool to get rid of unwanted hair, including shaving, clipping, and chemical use.


Your question: What body hair should you shave off?

Unwanted hair is a sign of fitrah, or nature. For men, this would usually mean hair growing in the pubic area, armpits, and mustache. Only the hair that Islam prohibits believing women from leaving unaltered is the hair around her eyes and the growth of beards for believing men. Other hairs can be removed without restriction.


Your question: Is it true, that a salah won’t be accepted if one has long hair? The same goes for the pubic hair.

According to our best knowledge, there is no Quran or Sunnah that says one’s prayer will be rejected if one doesn’t remove one’s hair from the pubic or armpit area.


Hadrat Anas (r.a.), who served the Messenger-of-Allah (saws), for ten years, stated: “The time it took us to trim our moustache and cut the nails, pluck the underarm hairs, and cut the pubic hairs, was forty nights.”

Similar to Ahmad and Abu Dawud.


The Messenger of Allah (saws), however, does not specify a specific time period for the removal of unwanted or unwanted hair. However, some companions claim that they removed their unwanted hair within a maximum of 40 days.


Allah’s Guidance and Assistance are the only ones who can speak Truth and gain benefit. I am responsible for all errors. Allah Alone knows best and He is the only source of strength.

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