By | July 14, 2022

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland The past can be found in the air in certain locations, it is everywhere this week that it’s no wonder that the air doesn’t collapse. It’s everywhere and everywhere, or, as golf guru Eldrick Woods put it, “it’s everywhere.. Woods put it “It feels more historic than it normally has, and it’s hard to believe that.”

It’s a big and storied event to be at “arguably our biggest event ever” in golf, in the words of English golfer and regular major competitor Tommy Fleetwood on a British Open broadcast.

It is situated at Saint Andrews Cemetery, where people from all over and even further away walk through and pay homage in honor of “Old Tom” Morris (1821-1908) and “Young Tom” Morris (1851-1875) The father and son who took home British Opens Nos. 2, 3, 5 8 9 10 11, and 12 with four wins each. Since the Open has hit No. 150, the celebrated sesquicentennial it’s more moving than ever to look at the tomb of “Young Tom,” a sculpture waiting to strike a ball that seems to be somewhat hidden.

It might be a bit harsh to see someone face a painful lie for the rest of eternity, but it’s a relief to know that you can deal with it confidence.

In the beautiful and stony gumdrops of a town that was founded in 1140, making it more than for instance, Dallas, there’s history within the store windows from where the legendary Seve Ballesteros occasionally beams his famous 12-foot putt in 1984 that prompted his famous fist pump and the description of it as “the single happiest shot of my life.” The history lingers may even sip one block Golf Place from the course which is at the Dunvegan Hotel restaurant and bar which is also famous, and where the bold sign on the window reads “Good, fresh food served where you can eat with the Ghosts of Former Open Champions.”

The Open is back with the village of over 16,800 with university students from around all over the world, and its scraggly golfers from around has transformed to a huge celebration. There are “150” logos shout from T-shirts, scream from caps and the chairs that have been painted to create “150” in the grandstands. The rest of the time, it’s not like it did in earlier Opens here and 2015 being the most recent one, but it certainly seems like a lot more.

It’s 10 p.m. light at 56 degrees North which is always an impressive sight, appears to be a little more pleasant this week. If the sun is shining and TV hosts explain it using the obligatory word “glorious,” everyone might be able to nod. Sometimes, every now and then, you can hear music from the distance, or perhaps from a bar. “EVERYTHING LED TO THIS,” read the sign on the grandstands at No. 18 and it’s an enormous amount, on a course that was established in 1754, and then renamed since.

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