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Home and Away ties up two loose ends after casting out

Receiving words of encouragement and encouragement from the Parata family.

The Paratas are currently under attack by an armed biker gang that is dangerous So Tane decided it was best for Chloe to flee to protect herself.

Chloe went on a quiet exit without revealing the issue with her husband Theo Poulos, as the Paratas believed it was better to keep the rest of the world from being involved.

In Thursday’s triple bill in Channel 7, this loose end was tied in because Chloe had to say no to Theo during a difficult phone call.

The Thursday episode featured Dean Thompson inform his sister Mackenzie Booth that he’d been talking to Bella via the phone, and that she was not planning to go back.

It provides closure following the time Bella first told her family and loved family members that she was leaving for a short period in order to join Emmett Ellison.

Courtney Miller left the role of Bella after three years of playing the role.


Theo was confused by Chloe’s continued disappearance of The Bay Bay and her absence of contact.

While Chloe was not seen on the screen Chloe did talk to Theo on the phone, and left him feeling devastated declaring that she wanted to end the relationship. Theo was shocked to learn that Chloe was not coming back.

In the meantime, Bella is also newly-single following Nikau Parata broke up with her. the ice with her. Similar to similar to the Chloe incident, Nikau felt this was to protect Bella’s safety since she had been planning to go back to her home in Summer Bay from New York.

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