By | July 27, 2022

Four dead and many injured after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake triggers landslides the northern Philippines

Many victims have been wounded and at least four have been killed in the aftermath of the 7.0-magnitude seismic event in northern Philippines caused landslides in a variety of places and damaged structures.

Important points:

  • A magnitude earthquake that is 10 kilometers deep strikes the northern Philippines and aftershocks continue to strike the area
  • The sound of shaking was heard more than 430km away from the Philippines capital city, Manila
  • The country is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which makes it susceptible to earthquakes

Two people, according to the authorities, were injured in Benguet province. One of them was in Abra province and the other in a region that is not known.

As of now, 60 people have been reported to have suffered injuries.

Hospitals and houses were evacuated following the quake that was violent and was concentrated around a mountainous region of Abra province.

The sludge of cement that fell on him killed one man, and injured more than 25 others, as per officials.

Construction workers were struck by debris and killed in the city La Trinidad in nearby Benguet province, where landslides as well as falling boulders shut down roads.

Rovelyn Villamor, the Mayor of Lagangilang in Abra province, told Lagangilang was without power as the supply had been automatically shut off “due to danger”.

“We are still experiencing aftershocks,” Mr. Villamor stated.

Abra’s provincial hospital was damaged, and there was a huge hole in the entrance wall close to the roof.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos Jr ordered rescue and teams of relief to be immediately deployed to the area and also announced that he will fly to the earthquake’s epicentre.

Researchers at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology claim that there have already several aftershocks and more are expected.

The intense shaking caused cracks in the buildings as well as homes. The tremors were felt throughout The capital of Manila located 430km away.

The congressman from close Ilocos Sur province, Eric Singson has told DZMM Radio the quake lasted approximately 30 seconds.

“I thought my house would fall,” Mr Singson declared.

“Now we are trying to reach people. Right now there are aftershocks so we are outside our home.”

A few towns located near to the quake’s crater have experienced land slides. There is no tsunami warning issued.

The US Geological Survey measured the intensity of the quake at a of 7.0 at 10 kilometers in depth

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