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Miles Bridges of Charlotte Hornets

For domestic violence and child abuse, Miles Bridges of Charlotte Hornets was charged with felony.

LOS ANGELES — Charlotte Hornets Restricted Free Agent Miles Bridges was charged with three counts of felony domestic violence after he was accused of attacking his girlfriend in front their two children last month. The Los Angeles County District Attorney said Tuesday.

George Gascon, District Attorney, stated that his office has filed one felony charge of injuring a parent of a child and two felony charges of child abuse under circumstances likely to cause great bodily harm or death. According to the DA’s press release, the case includes an allegation that the victim of domestic violence has caused great bodily injury. Although the DA’s release acknowledged that the children were present during the alleged assault, it did not specify from where the child abuse charges stemmed.

Bridges will be arraigned Wednesday at Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Gascon stated that domestic violence causes trauma to survivors in the form of emotional, mental, and physical pain. Gascon stated that children who are exposed to family violence are particularly vulnerable. The impact is irreversible.

Los Angeles police arrested Bridges on June 29, and later released him on $130,000 bond.

Both the NBA and the Hornets acknowledged that they knew of the charges against Bridges. The league also stated that it was investigating the allegations.

“These are very serious allegations that we will continue monitoring,” the Hornets stated. “This is a legal matter and we won’t have any further comments at this point.

Rich Paul, Bridges’ agent could not be reached immediately by The Associated Press to comment on Tuesday night.

Mychelle Johnson, Bridges’ mother, posted several photos on Instagram on July 1, showing what appeared to be injuries. She also included a medical report saying that she was an “adult victim of physical violence by male partner; Assault through strangulation; Closed fracture in nasal bone; Contusions of rib; Multiple bruises and Strain of neck muscles.”

Bridges was not mentioned by her, but she wrote an Instagram post: “It has come to this but it is too late for me to be silent.” I have allowed someone to ruin my home, abuse and traumatize me in every possible way. Although I don’t have anything to prove, I will not allow anyone to do so much as I did to make the world believe otherwise. I will not allow those around me to continue to silence and lie to me to protect him.”

At the time Bridges was arrested, the LAPD stated that it doesn’t release reports from police on domestic violence arrests. The West Los Angeles branch continues to investigate the case.

Bridges, who is 6-foot-7 and 225 pounds, was the Hornets’ top scorer last season. This was his fourth season in the NBA. Bridges was granted a qualifying offer by the Hornets prior to his arrest. This allows them to match any offer made by another team.

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