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Drew Barrymore

The Drew Barrymore Show” host posted a video Sunday showing her outside enjoying the rain and smiling.

“Whenever you have the chance to go outside in the rain, don’t miss it!” The 47-year old actress exclaimed with joy.


“I would love to love everything as Drew Barrymore loves everything.” e

“She is the most joyous, funny, and darling person I have ever met. As you can see. e



Although the reactions were mostly positive, many criticised the actress for showing her wealth and privilege.

“Not worrying about money seems amazing,” tweeted @vanthefirst.

Others defended Barrymore, reminding viewers that Barrymore was a young actress who had to endure hardships.

Nola Ojomu tweeted, “People who are rude about Drew Barrymore’s actions clearly forget how hard Drew Barrymore had to go through as a child star.” “The fact that she lives a life full of joy makes me smile every day.”

“I felt like Drew when I saw it earlier today. She didn’t have a normal childhood and was playing in the rain in adulthood. She is so lucky.

Barrymore was a star for her role as “E.T.” She was seven years old when she became the Extra-Terrestrial. Later, she struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. She went to rehab at 12 years old and returned at 13.

‘E.T.’ 40 years old: Steven Spielberg recalls how Drew Barrymore, a 6-year-old,’stormed into’ the Gertie role

Barrymore opened up about John Drew Barrymore, her actor father, being a violent drunken alcoholic and her mother, who struggled to fulfill parental responsibility. When she was 9, her parents divorced.


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