By | July 26, 2022
Does Going After Kevin Durant Make Sense For The Boston Celtics?

Does Going After Kevin Durant Make Sense For The Boston Celtics?

Recent NBA reports suggest it is possible that Boston Celtics could have the most lucrative trade plan to acquire the former League MVP Kevin Durant, but does it be logical to the Celtics to pull the trigger on this trade?

The question that everyone in the NBA has been asking is:

“Where is Kevin Durant going to be traded to?”

Announcing a move in June, from the Brooklyn Nets Durant’s tenure in Brooklyn seems to be closing in on three seasons in the club…

Is it?

Right now it appears that the Nets are comfortable with the notion of taking this issue with Durant out to training camp, scheduled to start in late September, however recent details about where negotiations are going Boston Celtics potentially getting a deal for the 12 times All-Star.

As per the Athlete’s Shams Charania, Durant has shown that he has not changed his position in his desire to be dealt this offseason , and Durant has also been a part of the deal that Boston Celtics recently offered All-Star wing Jaylen Brown in exchange in exchange for Kevin Durant.

In the reported deal that was reported, the Celtics provided Jaylen Brown Derrick White and a draft pick to the Nets superstar, however Brooklyn did not agree and instead demanded Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, multiple draft picks, and possibly a third player to be included in the deal. According to Charania the Celtics are currently considering what next steps they can take to engage regarding the Nets.

This is a huge event, and not just due to the fact that Kevin Durant could potentially be in the process of moving however, he could also be traded to the team that has just lost the 2022 NBA Finals.

After being defeated to the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors in just six games The Boston Celtics know that they are just a few steps away of putting up their 18th championship banner in the history of their team.

Not just are been able to make the Celtics been able to establish themselves as one of the best defence teams within the NFL Their All-Star duo consisting of Jaylen Brown as well as Jayson Tatum is still one of the most formidable teammates in the league, particularly considering that they’re both 25 or younger.

But, the thought of the addition of Kevin Durant to a championship contender’s roster might be too appealing for the director of the basketball operation Brad Stevens to pass up on.

At the moment at this moment, the Celtics remain with their starting five players from the 2021-22 season , which includes Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford and Robert Williams III. The depth of the team has really hurt Boston in recent seasons, and that’s why they signed Derrick White ahead of the deadline for trades and then took home not only Malcolm Brogdon this offseason, but also veteran Danilo Gallinari, too.

A huge trade like this with Kevin Durant could really throw off the equilibrium of this team, particularly at the defensive end of the floor , where their identity as a championship team is created.

On the other hand of the coin, however this is not an ordinary player we’re discussing in this article… This is Kevin Durant, one of the most renowned players in NBA history.

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