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Do be the New England Patriots be interested in Roquan Smith?

Chicago Bears’ All-Pro linebacker Roquan Smith has asked for trade. Would you think the New England Patriots be interested in trading Smith?The NFL world received some important news this morning when Chicago Bears’ All-Pro linebacker Roquan Smith officially requested to be traded from his team.

While trying to reach a long-term agreement in the near future with Chicago, Smith has apparently been through with his. Smith is the center of the Bears defense and is an ideal acquisition for every team. In fact, virtually every team will be upgrading its defense with the addition of Smith.

Then, should you let the New England Patriots make this deal?

There are a few points to be discussed here. The first is the chance that Fields is traded. Bears Director of Operations Ryan Poles has been nothing less than a disaster so in the past, and his primary goal should be to build Justin Fields.

A linebacker who is All-Pro doesn’t necessarily help. Poles is in need of recruit capital and players to achieve this. He must infuse his offensive line players with greater skill and recruit legitimate NFL player receivers.

Trades for Roquan Smith could bring draft picks and players If you think about it in the long run is logical to make a deal for Smith in the event that the circumstances between Smith and the Bears aren’t worth salvaging.

What else would it take to become Smith? It’s likely to require an assortment of players as well as draft capital. The Patriots have plenty of both, and I believe they can come up with a captivating package. If you combine this with the Patriots not being very good in drafting, I believe it is sensible to give up one or two draft picks to secure a certain player.

The players that stand out as a player the Bears might want to sign include Isaiah Wynn and Nelson Agholor. Agholor could be the most unusual player in the receiver’s room It appears that Wynn was moved to right tackle.

Mike Onwenu is a tackler and play it effectively, which means the team might just move him around.

Nelson Agholor was not doing anything wrong, however his addition to the team of DeVante Peterson and Tyquan Thornton may render Agholor ineligible.

The Bears could greatly benefit from a top receiver as well as offensive linemen.

In reality, Agholor would likely be the second choice behind Darnell Mooney and Wynn could easily be their most skilled lineman.

The Patriots will also need include a draft pick in thissituation, something I’m not convinced is a big deal.

The team then has to work out an extended extension that has a limit on available cap space. This will get more expansive in the next offseason.

Since the Patriots haven’t shown much impressive in the training camp so far, relying more on the defense could be the best option and Roquan Smith could greatly enhance this unit.

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