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Drew Barrymore supporters are celebrating the joyous and carefree video in which she enjoys the rain while reflecting back on her difficult childhood.

After sharing a video on social media of her enjoying the rain, the actress-turned-talk show host has gone viral.

This week, the Charlie’s Angels star took the Instagram to encourage her fans to play in the rain whenever they get the chance.

She smiled and said, “Whenever possible, go out in rain, don’t miss the chance,” in the video.

Another added, “I want Drew Barrymore’s eyes to see the world.” She sees something that we don’t.

It has caused a social media conversation about Barrymore’s childhood, and the difficult upbringing he had as a child star in Hollywood.

People are rude about Drew Barrymore’s childhood stardom. One commenter said that she has a life full of joy and makes her smile every day.

Another added: Drew Barrymore is the best at healing one’s inner child.”

“Some of you should Google her childhood. One said, “I’m glad she’s here with us enjoying the rain.”

Barrymore is a Hollywood star and was born into a Hollywood dynasty. He rose to fame at the age of 7 in the beloved Steven Spielberg blockbuster ET.

Growing up in Tinseltown was not a good experience for a child. The actress is open about her substance abuse and divorce from her parents at a young age.

Barrymore spoke out in a candid interview with The Guardian 2015 about the consequences of such a lifestyle. She revealed that she was in rehabilitation at the tender age of 12.

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