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British Premier Minister Johnson will be subject..

British government’s Conservatives are scheduled to hold a no confidence vote on Monday that could see them remove the prime minister Boris Johnson from power, after months of increasing discontent over a divided politician who has seen many changes and ups.

If Johnson falls short of a majority vote among his 359 Conservative lawmakers The Conservative party will select the new leader, who will also be the prime minister. If he is elected then he isn’t able to take on another election for the next year, as per the current rules of the party.

While Johnson has survived a variety of political storms, the president has recently had to close the chapter on several months of ethics scandals particularly over rule-breaking parties inside government facilities during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In the wake of revelations that the Prime Minister and his team repeatedly ignored the restrictions they placed on Britain in 2021 and 2020 has sparked outrage in Britain over the scandal dubbed “partygate.”

Conservative Party official Graham Brady declared Monday that he has received enough letters from lawmakers asking for Johnson’s leadership to trigger. It happens when 54 Tory lawmakers — 15 percent of the majority within the House of Commons — send letters to Brady.

“The threshold of 15% has been passed,” Brady declared. Brady said that the vote would be held on the spot at the House of Commons on Monday evening, and the results will be being announced shortly afterward.

Johnson’s Downing Street office said the prime minister was pleased with the vote.

“Tonight is a chance to end months of speculation and allow the government to draw a line and move on, delivering on the people’s priorities,” it read.

In the last month, an investigation’s study on “partygate” slammed a culture of rule-breaking within the Prime Minister’s Downing Street office.

Investigators from the civil service Sue Gray described alcohol-fueled bashes that were hosted in the presence of Downing Street staff members at times when restrictions on the spread of pandemics made it impossible for U.K. residents from socializing or even visiting relatives who were dying.

Gray claimed that Gray that the “senior leadership team” must take responsibility to “failures of leadership and judgment.”

The prime minister claimed that he is “humbled” and took “full responsibility” but insists that he will not step down. He called on Britons to “move on” and focus on the economy’s deterioration as well as the conflict in Ukraine.

However, a growing majority of Conservatives think that Johnson is his charismatic and knowledgeable leader, who landed them a massive majority in the parliamentary chamber in 2019, is becoming a threat.

If Johnson is removed, it could cause the possibility of a Conservative leadership contest where a number of important ministers from the government are likely to be candidates.

Conservative politician Roger Gale, a Johnson critic, told “we have some very good alternatives to the prime minister so we’re not short of choice.”

“Any individual of these individuals, in my opinion, could be an ideal premier minister than the one we have at present..

The rumblings of discontent seem to be escalating during a break in the parliamentary session that coincided with the celebrations of queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. The long weekend was an opportunity to unwind — however, there was no rest for Johnson who was booed by spectators as the king arrived to a ceremony to honor the queen in St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday.

Cabinet Minister Steve Barclay, a Johnson friend, has said that removing Johnson’s leadership right now is “indefensible.”

“The problems we face aren’t easy to solve,” He wrote at his Conservative Home website. “Democracies across the globe are facing similar issues. Under the leadership of Boris Johnson our job plan is a way to navigate through these challenges globally.

“To disrupt that progress now would be inexcusable to many who lent their vote to us for the first time at the last general election, and who want to see our Prime Minister deliver the changes promised for their communities.”

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