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Ben has a theory about the Steelers in their lack of recent playoff success.

This offseason, long-time Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and likely future Hall of Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger retired after an 18-year professional career. The team is gearing up for the first time with him out since the beginning of the decade of the 2000s Roethlisberger is expressing his thoughts.

We have already discussed his claim that the former Steelers director of operations Kevin Colbert wanted Roethlisberger to retire earlier, but Roethlisberger’s Rooney family was happy to allow him to play. In the same report, Roethlisberger expressed his opinion on Colbert as well, he spoke about how his life overall turned out.

In an interview with in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (h/t ProFootballTalk) about his career-ending regrets, Roethlisberger first mentioned the team’s Super Bowl XLV loss to the Green Bay Packers. Then, he seemed to blame his team’s lack of recent success in the playoffs, compared to his early career on the coddling of young players.

Another major regret was the fact that the Steelers have won only three playoff games following that run of 2010 that led up to their Super Bowl.

“I believe things have changed in the sport. I’m feeling like the people have changed some way. Perhaps it’s because of the fact that I was spoilt when I first came into the team. Team was extremely crucial. The focus was on the team. It’s now all about me and this, this along with the rest of the.

“I might be standing on a soapbox a little bit, but that’s my biggest takeaway from when I started to the end. It turned from a team-first to a me-type attitude. It was hard. It’s hard for these young guys, too. Social media. They’re treated so well in college. Now, this new NIL stuff, which is unbelievable. They’re treated so special. They’re coddled at a young age because college coaches need them to win, too. I know coach [Terry] Hoeppner never coddled me [at Miami of Ohio]. Neither did [Bill] Cowher.”

Roethlisberger alleging that today’s players are coddled — but he wasn’t — is quite rich, considering the way the Steelers catered their offense to him even as he was clearly in decline and then sub-replacement-level as a player during his final seasons.

The Steelers had among the top leagues with most low play-action rates due to the fact that they did not want to turn his back on the defense. They did not often use pre-snap motion since he felt it altered his view as a defense. Motion and play-action are proven to be beneficial to passing efficiency, something that can be beneficial to the Steelers were desperate to increase during Roethlisberger’s final years. However, Roethlisberger prefers to sit in shotgun mode and throw fast passes near the line of the scrimmage placing the burden on the team’s position players with the most skill to carry out the bulk of the tasks in the offense and the Steelers were willing to accommodate him. (Perhaps the absence that of Mike Tomlin as a coach who did not coddle him was intentional and he was admitting that he was later coddled throughout his professional career?)

As our colleagues at PFT pointed out, Roethlisberger also benefitted from the media’s attention to him, even is more, he was able to recall the rape and sexual assault allegations made against him at the beginning of his career. (No charges were brought however, Roethlisberger received a suspension for breaching the personal conduct policy of the league and was ordered by Commissioner Roger Goodell to undergo a “comprehensive behavioral evaluation by professionals.”) The allegations were never discussed, much less the center of attention given to him, who received (mostly was due, based on his accomplishments on the field) an almost living-legend-like treatment in the final NFL season.

However it is true that the current players are coddled , but Roethlisberger was not, should not be reasonable to cause a failure for the Steelers however, it is not the case for other NFL teams. In the end, teams such as that of Saints, Packers, Giants, Ravens, Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos, Eagles, Chiefs, Buccaneers, and Rams likely had younger players as opposed to Roethlisberger in their quest to win Super Bowls XLIV through LVI.

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