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Apple unveils a new Lock Screen experience, You can personalize your Lock Screen, save family photos in iCloud’s Shared Photo Library and recall sent messages. Schedule mail and find out more with Visual Look Up and Live Text.

CUPERTINO (CALIFORNIA) Apple today presented iOS16, the largest update to the Lock Screen. It also introduced new sharing, communication and intelligence features that will transform the user’s experience with iPhone. iOS 16 introduces iCloud Shared Photo Library, which allows users to share a collection with their family. It also includes updates to Messages and Email that allow users to stay in touch easily.

Craig Federighi (Apple’s senior vice-president of Software Engineering) stated that iOS 16 is a major release with new updates that will transform the way you use iPhone. “We’ve redesigned the Lock Screen with new features that make it more personalized and useful. We introduced iCloud Shared Photo Library to families and streamlined communication with new capabilities in Messages, Mail and tapped into enhanced intelligence with Live Text and Visual Search Up updates.”


A personalized lock screen experience

iOS 16 makes the Lock Screen more personal, beautiful and useful. The Lock Screen now has a multilayered effect that allows subjects of photos to be placed in front of the Lock Screen’s time, giving it depth. You can change the appearance of the date or time by using expressive font styles and changing the color.

The Lock Screen uses widgets inspired by Apple Watch complications. It makes it easy to see information quickly, such as the weather, battery levels and alarms.

The Lock Screen gallery offers a variety of inspiration options, including Apple collections that include Pride and Unity to commemorate special cultural moments, a Weather wallpaper to view live weather conditions throughout the day, and an Astronomy wallpaper that shows views of the Earth and moon. You can also create Lock Screens with your favorite emojis or color combinations. Users can easily switch between their favorite Lock Screens by simply swiping.

Live Activities is a new feature that allows users to keep track of what’s happening right from their Lock Screen.

Find balance with focus

Focus is now more powerful and easier to set-up. It also connects to the Lock Screen and allows users to tie a Lock Screen wallpaper or widget to a specific Focus. Users can activate Focus by simply swiping to the appropriate Lock Screen. Focus filters allow apps such as Calendar, Mail and Messages to display only relevant content to the user’s Focus. This helps them find better balance.

Updates on Messages

You can access the following features: Users can recall or edit messages that have been sent, retrieve deleted messages, mark conversations as unread to allow them to return later. 2 SharePlay will be coming to Messages. This will allow you to watch synced content such as movies, songs, and share playback controls, all while chatting in Messengers.

Mailing Tools: New Tools

Users can now schedule their emails in advance and have the option to cancel delivery before it reaches its intended recipient. Mail will detect if the recipient has not included an attachment or a key part of their message. Mail also allows users to resurface messages at any time. Remind Later automatically reminds users to follow-up on emails that have not been responded to. Mail includes the most recent overhaul to search and uses state of-the-art technologies to deliver more relevant and accurate results. When users search for email addresses, they see their most recent emails, contacts and documents as well as links.

Enhancements for Visual Look Up and Live Text

Live Text is an iOS app that uses on-device intelligence (on-device intelligence) to recognize text within images. It’s now expanding to include video. You can pause any frame of a video and interact with it. Live Text allows users to pause a video on any frame and interact with text. Visual Look Up can also recognize insects and birds.

Wallet adds Apple Pay Later, Order Tracking and Other Features

Apple Pay Later allows users in the US to easily and securely split the purchase price of Apple Pay into four equal payments over six weeks with no interest or fees. 3 Apple Pay Later is integrated into Apple Wallet and is designed to help users track and repay Apple Pay Later payments from Wallet. Apple Pay Later can be applied for by users when they check out using Apple Pay or in Wallet. Apple Pay Later can be used wherever Apple Pay is accepted online and in-app using the Mastercard network. 4 Apple Pay Order Tracking allows users to receive detailed receipts and track information in Wallet. This is in addition to the expanded support for keys and IDs in Wallet. For apps that require identity verification or age verification, users can use their ID to access Wallet. Only the information necessary for the transaction will be given to the app. The user can then review the transaction and give their consent to sharing it via Touch ID or Face ID. This ensures privacy and security. Users can also securely share their home and office in Wallet via messaging apps such as Messages, Mail and other.

CarPlay 2.0: The Next Generation

CarPlay has revolutionized the way people interact and use their cars. The next generation of CarPlay integrates with the car’s hardware. CarPlay will allow content to be displayed on multiple screens in the vehicle. This will create a consistent and unified experience. CarPlay will integrate with the vehicle to allow users to control the radio and climate via CarPlay. CarPlay will also seamlessly render speed, fuel level and other information on the instrument cluster using vehicle data. You can personalize your driving experience with different gauge cluster designs. With widget support, you will also have instant access to Weather and Music information right from your car’s dashboard. The next generation of CarPlay is coming soon. Vehicles will also be revealed in the second half of next year.

Additional Features

  • Safari allows you to create shared tab groups to share a set of websites with family and friends. This makes it easy to add tabs and view what other people are seeing. You can browse Safari even more safely with Passkeys. These digital keys are unique and easy to use. They don’t need to be stored on any web server. Passkeys are designed to replace passwords. They use Touch ID or Face ID to verify biometrics and iCloud Keychain for sync across iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TV. They can be used to sign in to apps or websites on non-Apple devices with just an iPhone.
  • Apple Maps has introduced multistop routing. Users can now plan up to 15 stops ahead of time and have routes automatically synced from their iPhone to Mac when they are ready. Maps also offers transit updates, making it easier for riders to see how much their journey will cost and to add transit cards to Wallet. They can also replenish transit cards without ever leaving Maps.
  • Family Sharingis a simpler way to create an account for your child, provided you have the correct parental controls. This includes recommendations for age-appropriate restrictions on apps, movies and books. It also provides a simplified process for setting up new devices that automatically apply existing parental controls. Guardians can approve or decline screen time requests from children right in Messages.
  • Dictation allows users to seamlessly switch between touch and voice. You can use the keyboard to type, tap in the text box, move the cursor and insert QuickType suggestions. Dictation also features automatic punctuation, emoji dictation and more.
  • Siri allows users to create shortcuts immediately after an app has been downloaded. This is without the need for any upfront setup. You can add emoticons to messages, skip the confirmation step, and use Siri to hang up and make FaceTime calls.
  • The Home app makes it easy for users to view, organize and view their accessories. Additionally, enhancements to the architecture allow users to have more reliable and efficient control over their smart home. When the Matter smart home connectivity standard becomes available in the fall, iOS 16 will update software to support it. This will allow a variety of accessories to seamlessly work across platforms and help realize the true vision for a smart home.
  • All iPhone users can access the Fitnessapp to track and achieve their fitness goals. iPhone users can create a daily Move goal and track how active calories help them close their Move ring. iPhone motion sensors track steps, distance, flights, and workouts through third-party apps. This information can then be converted to an estimate of active calories that can be used to help users reach their daily Move goal. For additional motivation, users can share their Move rings with friends.
  • The Health App adds Medications. It allows users to easily create and manage a medication list, set reminders, track their vitamins and supplements, and even create schedules. The strong>Health app adds Medications. This allows users to create and manage a medication list, set reminders and schedules, track their vitamins and supplements, and even share it with their loved ones. 6
  • Apple News introduces a My Sports section that allows you to follow your favorite teams and leagues. You can also access scores, schedules and standings from hundreds of top publishers. Highlights can be viewed right in the News app.
  • Game Centerfeatures an updated dashboard that displays friends’ activity and achievements from games in one location. This makes it easier for players to play with their friends or compete against them.
  • Personalized Spatial Audio allows for a more immersive and precise listening experience. The TrueDepth camera can be used by iPhone listeners to create a personalized profile for Spatial Audio. This allows them to have a customized listening experience.
  • The Safety Check tool can help users who are at risk of violence from their intimate partners or domestic partner. It allows them to quickly remove all access they have granted others. It also includes an emergency reset which allows users to sign out of iCloud from all other devices, reset privacy permissions and limit messaging to the device they are holding. It allows users to see and control who and what apps they have given access to.
  • Accessibilityupdates includes Door Detection which allows users with low vision or blindness to use their iPhone to find their destination. Also, Apple Watch Mirroring is available for those with physical and motor disabilities that may rely upon assistive features such as Voice Control and Switch Control to fully operate their Apple Watch. 8

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