By | July 20, 2022

It’s always nice to see someone choose a casual ceremony in the midst of this summer’s marathon marriage season. See Bennifer’s Las Vegas wedding or, even better: secret courthouse nuptials. The Page Six reported Tuesday that Anya Taylor-Joy, Queen’s Gambit actress, secretly married Malcolm McRae at an “intimate” courthouse wedding.

Although it’s not clear when the intimate wedding took place. However, Taylor-Joy and McRae were reportedly together for one year. Taylor-Joy has called herself ” quite private person” before referring to their relationship in an April 2021 interview. She reportedly said that McRae was “my partner” and described how they managed to travel long distances by enjoying “everyday mundane activities,” such as going to the petrol station and reading in silence. Taylor-Joy said that she finally found someone who would sit quietly with me while I read. Taylor-Joy said that she found a person who will sit quietly with me reading and is 80 years old. The couple first started rumors about an engagement last month when Taylor-Joy was photographed in Sydney wearing a green- ring.

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McRae and Taylor-Joy did not comment on the reports about their marriage. Harper’s Bazaar reported that they were married “somewhere in America” before returning to Australia, where TaylorJoy is currently filming Furiosa. According to “Page Six,” Taylor-Joy was seen in Sydney wearing her ring, sweater and jeans on Monday. Although it’s very casual, sources claim that the couple will have a “larger ceremony” upon their return to the States. They deserve congratulations. I can’t wait for Taylor-Joy to choose her wedding dress, as she is the patron saint of good .

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