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Alex Jones admits that Sandy Hook was ‘100% real.

AUSTIN (Texas) — Conspiracy theory theorist Alex Jones said Wednesday that he now realizes that it was irresponsible for him to declare the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as a hoax, and that it was “100% real.”

The Infowars host stated that he believes the attack occurred. This was just a day after parents of the 6-year-old boy who died in the 2012 attack on their home testified to the pain, death threats, and harassment they have endured as a result of Jones’s media statements.

“Especially since the time I met my parents. Jones stated that it was 100% true during his trial to determine the amount he and Free Speech Systems, his media company, owe for defaming Neil Heslin, Scarlett Lewis, and their media company. Their son Jesse Lewis was one of the 20 victims and six educators killed in the Newtown school shooting, which was the most deadly in American history.

Heslin, Lewis and Jones stated Tuesday that an apologies would not suffice and that Jones must be held responsible for spreading lies about the attack. They want at least $150 million.

After more testimony by Jones, closing arguments will be held Wednesday. Jones has described the lawsuit as an attack upon his First Amendment rights.

Jones is the only witness in Jones’ defense. His lawyer asked Jones if he understood that it was “absolutely irresponsible to push false claims that a massacre didn’t take place and no one died.”

Jones stated that he did, but said, “They (the media), won’t allow me to take it back.”

He also said that he was “typecast” as someone who talks about Sandy Hook and makes money off Sandy Hook.

Jones’ testimony was given a day after Lewis and Heslin told the Austin courtroom that Jones and the false hoax claims Infowars made about Jones had made Jones’ life a “living hell” filled with harassment, abuse, and death threats.

Tuesday was a day of charged testimony, with Jones being chided by the judge for not being truthful about some of the things he stated under oath.

Lewis and Jones had a fascinating exchange. Jones was about 10 feet away. Jones had earlier that day been on Jones’ broadcast program, telling his audience Heslin was “slow” because he was being manipulated and manipulative by bad people.

“I am a mother, and you are a father to me first and foremost.” Jones was told by Lewis that his son had existed. “I am not deep state … “I know you are aware of that fact… But you will still leave the courthouse to repeat it on your show.”

Lewis asked Jones one time: “Does it seem like I’m an actor?”

Jones replied, “No, I don’t believe you’re an actor,” before Jones was told by the judge to remain quiet until he is called to testify.

Heslin, Lewis and other Sandy Hook families have filed lawsuits alleging Jones’ Sandy Hook hoax claims have resulted in years of abuse by Jones and his followers.

Both Lewis and Heslin said that they are afraid for their lives and have been confronted at home and on the streets by strangers. Heslin claimed that his car and home were shot at. A death threat was made via telephone to another Sandy Hook family, according to the jury.

Heslin stated, “I cannot even describe the past nine and a-half years, the living hell I and others have endured because of the recklessness or negligence of Alex Jones.”

Scarlett Lewis also spoke out about threatening emails that she felt had revealed deep details of her private life.

Scarlett Lewis stated, “It’s fear of your life.” “You don’t know what they were going do.”

Heslin stated that he doesn’t know if Jones was the originator of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, but Jones lit the spark and ignited the flame with an online platform and broadcast that reached millions around the world.

Heslin stated, “What was said about Sandy Hook and me resonates around the globe.” “As the years passed, I realized just how dangerous it was.”

Jones missed Heslin’s Tuesday morning testimony, which he was doing while he was on the show, but he arrived at the courtroom to witness Scarlett Lewis. He was accompanied at all times by private security guards.

“Today is very significant to me and it has been a long journey… to face Alex Jones and all that he did to me. Heslin stated that Jones was not there to restore the honor and legacy.

Heslin described holding his son with a bullet through his head and even detailing the extent of the injury to his body. Heslin was not holding his son, according to a 2017 Infowars broadcast.

A school photo of Jesse smiling was shown to the jury two weeks prior to his death. The photo was not sent to the parents until after the shooting. They told how Jesse was well-known for telling his classmates to “run!” This likely saved many lives.

The parents stated that Jones’s apology would not be sufficient.

Heslin stated, “Alex started the fight.”

Jones took the stand later and was initially hostile with the judge. He had asked Jones to answer his own question. Jones stated that he has long wanted to make amends to the plaintiffs.

The judge then sent the jury out and strongly criticized Jones for telling them he had not complied with pretrial evidence collection and that he was bankrupt. This has not been determined. Jones’s mention of his bankrupty angered the plaintiffs’ lawyers, who feared it would cloud their jury’s decision about damages.

Jones was told by Judge Maya Guerra Gamble that “this is not your show.” “Your beliefs don’t make it true. You are subject to oath

In her default judgment of September last year, Jones was reprimanded by the judge for failing to provide the Sandy Hook families with the documents they requested. In Connecticut , a court issued a similar default judgement against Jones because of the same reasons in another lawsuit brought by Sandy Hook parents.

The trial will determine how much Jones will be compensated. The parents asked for $150 million in damages to Jones and his company for intentional infliction or emotional distress. The jury will decide if Jones and his company will be paying punitive damages.

Jones tried to financially protect Free Speech Systems before. Last week, the company applied for federal bankruptcy protection. Sandy Hook families sued Jones separately over Jones’ financial claims. They claim that Jones and his family are trying to protect millions of dollars through shell entities.

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