By | July 20, 2022
It’s the perfect moment to become a lover, as films old and new are smashing it (lol) in the world of box-office. A few of the most popular horror films have returned to cinemas thanks to sequels that have been released, including the currently-released Halloween trilogy. However, now that the first trailer for the threequel to Halloween’s Finale is out Fans are voicing their displeasure on the internet regarding Kyle Richards being absent.2021’s Halloween Kills brought returning a variety of stars from John Carpenter’s initial film, including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills famous Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace. The actress had been among the very few characters who survived Michael Myers’ rampage through Haddonfield and was confirmed to appear on the screen in the Halloween finale. What was her role within the movie trailer? To remind you to watch it again, click below.

Although this short teaser has many scares and bloody action, we didn’t get much from Andi Matichak’s character Allyson. For Kyle Richards’ Lindsey Wallace her character, she was not featured on screen in the initial sequence of clips. The internet certainly noticed people voicing their displeasure via Twitter regarding the Real Housewives OG being excluded from the festivities. A case in point:


What is the reason Lindsey prominently absent from the trailer for Halloween Ends? If I’m not mistaken, she’s missing? #KyleRichards 20, 2022


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Honestly, same. Since Lindsey Wallace is one of the only characters in the trilogy to remain alive, it’s possible for Kyle Richards to appear in the initial marketing materials. We’ll be waiting for a full trailer to find out how the survivor recuperated from her last meeting in the company of Michael Myers. Fortunately, the wait won’t be long, since Halloween’s End will be available in theaters later this year.

Many people were disappointed that they didn’t see some of the Real Housewives royalty featured in the initial trailer for Halloween’s end. Many even suggested an update of the trailer that was Kyle-free. The way they put it,

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