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Dodger Stadium hosted the 2022 MLB All-Star Game, which featured some of the most prominent names in baseball.

It was familiar territory to Los Angeles Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw who was only the sixth pitcher in the last 40 years to host the All-Star Game at his home park.

The American League extended their Midsummer Classic win streak to nine games by defeating the National League, 3-2. New York Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Ston was awarded All-Star MVP honors. Stanton was 1-for-2 at the plate, with a homer. The AL now stands at 47-43-2 against the NL.

This is a list of some of the most iconic sights and sounds in Los Angeles. You can also see our reporter’s predictions to find out if they were correct.

Our favourite moments from the 2022 MLB All-Star Game

Alden Gonzales:Shohei Ohtani lies flat on the Dodger Stadium ground, his arms extended wide and his head tilted towards the side. He stares off in disbelief. Ohtani had just declared on the Dodger Stadium videoboard that he would swing at first pitch.

Clayton Kershaw is the one who lives in this house. It was his moment. He got his revenge, picking Ohtani up at first base for the first run of a scoreless inning. This is what the All-Star Game should look like: the best players talking smack and putting it on the line while having fun.

Kershaw had Ohtani leaning towards his secondary lead, and Ohtani laughed. He should.

Jeff Passan With apologies Giancarlo Stonton, Alek Moah was truly the MVP of the 92nd All-Star Game. We have to give thanks for the unusual combination of technology and his right hand.

FOX mic’d Manoah as he was taking the mound for the second innings. Manoah, the charisma-filled 24-year old Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, did a great job. It was obvious that Manoah was the best choice to speak with Joe Davis and John Smoltz, the play-by-play analyst. Contreras hit a 94-mph pitch and he ended it by saying, “Here we are!” There’s one.”

Next was Joc PEDerson. He couldn’t catch a 93-mph sinker at strike zone’s top, prompting Manoah and Manoah saying: “Here we are!” There’s two.”

When Jeff McNeil was third on the plate, Manoah said, “Bye!” Here we go! Manoah flies a sinker to the inside corner of the front door for strike 2. Front door. Don’t flinch!”

He hit McNeil on a nasty 0-2 slider, bringing Ronald Acuna Jr. To the plate. Acuna was given a 1-2 count after Acuna committed two fouls and a ball.

Davis asked “John,” “What have you got for him at 1-2?”

Smoltz stated, “Make the slider look like a strike in the outside corner and make them disappear off the corner.”

Manoah stated, “I think we’re gonna go with that.” We’ll go with that, I think.

The fastball flew straight at 94 mph. It was not high. It was okay. Acuna missed Manoah’s third punchout in the inning.

Manoah stated, “Right down in the middle, but it’s our choice,” “Three punchies. Let’s goooo. Wooooo! Wow! Let’s win a baseball game.

After trailing 2-0 at the end of the first inning, American League responded with a three-run fourth that was remarkably successful. Manoah’s final pitch was a perfect pitch, and his words were true.

Dave Schoenfield It’s been an emotional five-season ride for Giancarlo Stanton in pinstripes. After going 0-for-5 with five strikes, he was booed one week into his Yankees career. He quickly learned that New York is different from playing in Miami. Due to injuries, he missed the majority of the 2019-2020 seasons. The Yankees have had some frustrating playoff exits. Stanton is still a big name in the sport. However, this was his first All Star appearance since joining the Yankees in 2018. This feels a bit surprising.

Despite all the difficulties, Stanton’s home runs are still spectacular, especially when they travel 457 feet like his home run against Tony Gonsolin in the fourth inning. This was the second-longest homer in the All-Star Game’s history, after Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Last year’s 468-run blast. It also touched the left-field bleachers, where Stanton used to sit when he attended Dodgers games as an infant. He thanked his father for instilling a love for baseball in him. Stanton will not be disappointed that he won the MVP trophy, but he choked up.

It’s not the memory of a father-son trip to a baseball match.

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AL wins ninth straight All-Star Game

The National League was trailing 3-2 in the ninth inning. A NL run would have resulted in the All-Star Game being decided by a home-run derby. Guardians closer Emmanuel Clase, however, was not having it. He struck out the side and retired Garrett Cooper, Kyle Schwarber, and Jake Cronenworth, to give the AL its ninth consecutive victory. Giancarlo Stanton, a native of Giancarlo in Texas, was awarded All-Star MVP thanks to his 457-foot shot that just missed the left-field roof. — Dan Mullen

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